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How much can a Virginia DWI raise your auto insurance rates?

On Behalf of | Mar 5, 2019 | Uncategorized |

As a Virginia resident currently facing a driving while intoxicated or driving under the influence charge, you may have justifiable concerns about how your charge may impact your life, should it lead to a conviction. A drunk driving conviction can bring with it considerable financial hardship once you factor in fines and other expenses, and you may, too, lose your license for a period after a conviction, which can make it even more difficult to hold down a job and cover your expenses.

While these fees and other expenditures can set you back a good bit financially, reports there are also other expenses you will likely face following a drunk driving conviction. For example, once you get your license back (which also typically comes at a cost to you), you will almost certainly see a spike in your auto insurance rates.

Rate hikes for Virginia drunk drivers

Virtually all U.S. residents who have drunk driving convictions on their records experience an increase in their insurance rates because insurance companies tend to see such drivers as liabilities in the wake of such convictions. So, just how much of an insurance rate hike could you expect after a drunk driving conviction?

Without such a conviction on his or her driving record, a typical Virginia driver will spend about $993 per year for car insurance. The typical Virginia motorist who has a drunk driving conviction on his or her record, meanwhile, will pay about $1,619 annually for insurance coverage, which accounts for an annual difference of $626. While coming up with an additional $626 a year just for insurance can prove difficult, you may find it even more of a struggle to do so if you had a hard time getting to and from work in the aftermath of your conviction.

The penalties associated with drinking and driving are no joke. Unfortunately, your troubles do not necessarily end once you regain your driving privileges.


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