Criminal Defense & Social Security Disability Law


Earning a client’s trust and respect is of primary importance, and is essential to developing and maintaining a lasting attorney-client relationship. At the law office of Lawrence, Smith & Gardner, we are committed to earning that trust through close attention to the needs of our clients and through providing thorough, accurate, and timely legal services at reasonable rates.

Attorney fees vary depending upon the type of service performed and free initial consultations are available in most cases.

For some legal services, we will provide you with a flat fee. For cases involving litigation or for other matters in which the amount of time to be spent cannot be determined in advance, fees are based on an hourly rate.

For certain matters, such as personal injury or Social Security Disability, a contingent fee arrangement is appropriate. In these cases, the attorney’s fees will be based on a fixed percentage of the amount recovered on your behalf.

Above all, we believe that fees should never be a source of apprehension for a client. For this reason, fees will be discussed openly and you will receive in writing the details of the proposed fee arrangement. All fees can be discussed at your first meeting or, if you prefer, you may call in advance to ascertain the fees for the particular legal service that you require.

To schedule an appointment with our Fairfax, Virginia, office, use our online contact form or call us at 703-539-5825.