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How long will a protective order last?


You could end up subject to a protective order after getting convicted of a criminal offense involving another person or them simply bringing accusations against you in court.  A protective order could limit where you visit and the people with whom you interact. 

Violations of a protective order could lead to jail time in some cases and could also complicate pending family law cases. When someone else secures protective order against you, how long will that order affect your life? 

The duration of impact depends on the type of order

There are technically three different kinds of protective orders that the Virginia courts can issue. How long an order applies depends on what kind of protective order it is. 

The fastest order someone can obtain and also the shortest-lasting is an emergency protective order. It typically expires either three days after the court issues it or the next day the courts are in session. A preliminary protective order lasts a bit longer, typically for 15 days or until the courts have time for a full hearing. 

A standard protective order can potentially remain in effect for up to two years. When it will soon expire, the person who requested it initially can go back to court and ask to renew or extend the protective order. Instead of just waiting for the order to expire, you may want to defend yourself against claims that you threaten or harmed another person. 

Understanding the rules that apply to Virginia protective orders can help you reduce the impact of someone seeking an order that will limit your life.

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