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Things to never say at a DUI stop

Police officers will pull you over in a moment's notice if they suspect you are under the influence of alcohol. Recently, in Virginia, police pulled over a woman after noticing her flicking cigarette butts out of her car's window. As the officer approached the vehicle, he noticed the smell of alcohol and an empty wine box inside the car. 

If law enforcement ever pulls you over, then you need to watch what you say. Everything you tell the officer can come back in court later. You do not want to give the police more evidence than they already have, so avoid these statements at DUI stops

How much can a Virginia DWI raise your auto insurance rates?

As a Virginia resident currently facing a driving while intoxicated or driving under the influence charge, you may have justifiable concerns about how your charge may impact your life, should it lead to a conviction. A drunk driving conviction can bring with it considerable financial hardship once you factor in fines and other expenses, and you may, too, lose your license for a period after a conviction, which can make it even more difficult to hold down a job and cover your expenses.

While these fees and other expenditures can set you back a good bit financially, reports there are also other expenses you will likely face following a drunk driving conviction. For example, once you get your license back (which also typically comes at a cost to you), you will almost certainly see a spike in your auto insurance rates.

How does the SSDI appeals process work?

Your medical condition should enable you to receive SSDI payments. You followed the application process and waited to receive your determination. However, when the letter came in the mail, it was not the good news you hoped for.

A rejection for SSDI can seem like a huge setback. After all, you need that money to live because you cannot work the way you used to. There is an appeals process for SSDI you can go through to get another chance at receiving the benefits you need.

3 mistakes to avoid at DUI checkpoints

A Virginia Beach truck driver will face DUI charges for a recent incident near the intersection of Taylor Farms Road and London Bridge Road. A ton of debris ended up on the side of the road, but luckily, no injuries occurred as a result of the accident. 

To encourage fewer people to drink and drive, Virginia police set up checkpoints periodically around the state. Even if you had nothing to drink, the police could still arrest you if they believe you have become intoxicated. Here are some things you should never do around a DUI checkpoint. 

Why property crimes increase during the winter

A lot of factors influence criminal activity, including poverty, social status, police policy and family conditions. However, there is one contributor to the crime rate that may come as a surprise: weather. There are different trends in criminal behavior depending on the season.

While crimes against people are more prevalent in the summer, property crimes actually spike during the winter. Common property crimes during the winter season include the following:

  • Motor vehicle theft
  • Burglary
  • Shoplifting

Overweight truck citations in Virginia

Everyone who drives a commercial truck knows how important it is to stay within weight restrictions when they make their runs. Thousands of citations are handed out each year for tractor-trailers being overloaded. These citations create major problems for all involved, from the driver, to the transportation company to the client expecting the delivery.

Virginia levies heavy fines to any commercial truck found to be over the allowed weight. According to the Virginia DMV, these fines can range from one cent per pound a payload is over, to 35 cents per pound, and may be further compounded by being doubled or tripled depending on how far over the limit the vehicle is.

Battery penalties may depend on occupation of victim

If tensions break out into a barroom brawl, defendants may face simple disorderly conduct charges or they could face assault and battery charges, depending on the severity of the case. Even popular female rap artist, Cardi B, was recently charged with assault and endangerment after getting into a fight at a club.

In Virginia, knowing the occupation of the person you assault could cause heightened penalties in an assault or battery case.

If you work while you have a disability, SSDI may award you

If you qualify for benefits with Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), you receive government support for your disability or blindness. The program allows you to focus on maintaining your health while United States’ workers’ contributions provide you money to sustain yourself.

If you choose to work, although you suffer from a disability, you may prove eligible for work incentives through the SSDI program. Essentially, the government will continue to aid in your financial well being, all while you work part-time or full-time. The SSDI work incentives program works to help individuals have a sense of positive responsibility and the feeling of contribution by holding a job, but the program still provides benefits.

Drunk driving accidents rise in August and September

A recent study found that the end of summer is the most dangerous time of the year, in relation to intoxicated drivers being on the road. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), August is the deadliest month of the year, followed closely by September and July.

As August and September are on the horizon, it may be wise to use extra caution when deciding when to drive after having a drink.

A connection between team rivalry and criminal activity

Watching professional sports teams like the Washington Redskins proves both exciting and excruciating. Fans from across the country gather to view men battle for trophies and high honor. If you root for the winning team, and they win, you've won. If they lose, you lose.

Perhaps the camaraderie between sports players and fans is what causes men and women to commit crimes on game day. Serious offenses land fans ticketed, injured or even in jail.

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