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Domestic violence charges must be handled seriously

On Behalf of | Mar 24, 2017 | Assault & Battery |

Domestic violence is a serious issue in many homes. Unfortunately, there are also some instances of domestic violence accusations that are completely false. Before you prepare to fight against these accusations, you should understand a few points about what domestic violence entails.

Many people think about domestic violence in the physical form. While that is usually one that is easy to spot because of bruising and external marks, it isn’t the only form of domestic violence. You can be accused of domestic violence based on threats or trying to frighten your significant other into doing what you want them to do.

You can also be accused of domestic violence for emotional trauma that you cause. This can be due to speaking negatively to your significant other or talking down to him or her.

Financial abuse is also possible. This occurs when you try to control your significant other by using money. If you don’t allow your significant other to have money to buy necessities, you might face claims of financial abuse.

It is possible to face sexual abuse charges in some cases. This is one form of domestic violence that must be taken very seriously.

Accusations of domestic violence can impact you in the criminal justice system; however, they can also affect your family life. Domestic violence cases often come with protective orders that you will have to deal with as the case moves forward.

You have to think carefully about how you get your defense together in these cases. Each option you have can impact your life in a different manner. Be sure to think about each option before making a decision.

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