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Defense options for larceny depend on what happened

On Behalf of | Oct 13, 2016 | Larceny & Theft |

When you are charged with larceny, you are facing possible fines and incarceration. You are also facing a criminal record that could lead to issues with basic necessities like employment and housing. With that in mind, if you are facing these charges, you should seek experienced legal guidance as soon as possible.

There are several options that you have for a defense against larceny charges. You might think that you were the owner of the property at the time you took it. That belief that you had ownership might be a possible defense if you can show why you had reason to believe that you owned the item.

Since a conviction for larceny requires that you intended to keep the items away from the owner permanently, there is a chance that returning the items could have an impact on your case. This isn’t a sure-fire defense, as it might raise more questions.

In some cases, other defense strategies might be possible. If you were entrapped into taking the goods that were considered stolen, that might be a good defense. Of course, like all defense options, you would need to show that the entrapment occurred.

You must remember that the prosecution has to show beyond a reasonable doubt that the larceny occurred and that it met all applicable points that are required by law. If you are facing larceny charges, your defense attorney might need to poke holes in the prosecution’s case so that you can introduce doubt into the minds of the jury members and/or judge who hears your case.

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