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Underwear thefts sometimes linked to needing money for drugs

On Behalf of | Dec 3, 2015 | Larceny & Theft |

It is often assumed that many thefts are drug related. What some people might not realize is that many of these thefts are because the person who stole the items only did so because they had a physical need for the drugs. While that doesn’t make it right, it does show how big of a problem drugs can be in a person’s life.

In an interesting story in Virginia, underwear was reportedly stolen to support a drug habit. A woman was allegedly stealing underwear from a Macy’s in Henrico County. The woman and her accomplice were accused of taking $1,500 in underwear with the plan of selling it at retail value to support a heroin habit.

That isn’t the only instance in which stolen underwear has been linked to drugs. An assistant Commonwealth attorney noted that that he has seen at least five similar cases in recent years. He said that people usually sell the underwear for a good price and that it is sometimes an easy take since underwear is pretty easy to conceal.

Besides drugs, thrill-seeking and other motivations are also possible. Additionally, items like baby formula can be stolen since it is fairly easily sold.

Regardless of the reason for the theft, there is still a chance that the person accused of stealing might face criminal charges. There are some instances in which diversion programs might be appropriate. Those programs might help the person to overcome the habits that are leading to the thefts. It is vital for anyone facing theft charges to explore all possible defense options for their specific case.

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