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Marine pleads guilty to theft-related charges in federal court

On Behalf of | Apr 25, 2014 | Larceny & Theft |

When people think of Marines, they usually think of upstanding citizens who have trained hard and are willing to work hard. Some people even tend to put Marines up on a pedestal. Despite the general perception of Marines, it is important to remember that they are all human and can make mistakes. One Marine Corps reservist recently admitted to stealing from Quantico in a plea deal for theft-related charges.

The 35-year-old Marine from Virginia admitted to wearing his Marine uniform to collect spent brass casings and steel cans from the live fire ranges. He also admitted to cutting through the fencing to access lots containing those same items. He would then sell the items to Potomac Metals Incorporated, a recycling company.

As part of his plea agreement, the man pleaded guilty to tampering with a witness and theft of government property. The tampering with a witness charge stemmed from the man trying to bribe an employee of the recycling company to lie in court.

The Marine is set to be sentenced in July in connection with this plea. For this Marine, opting to make a plea agreement might have been his best option for dealing with the charges. Prior to accepting a plea deal, he likely would have made sure he understood all of the conditions of the deal.

Anyone who is facing theft-related charges may be looking at serious penalties. Understanding all the available options and making the decision that best suits the situation is vital to ensuring the most favorable outcome of the case.

Source: The Washington Post, “Marine reservist admits swiping, scrapping cartridge cases and ammo cans from Quantico” Matt Zapotosky, Apr. 18, 2014


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