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The outlook of social security benefits


On the surface, Social Security Disability Insurance is a path to quality health and personal protection. It is an option that millions of Americans choose to help them when their physical disabilities prevent them from working full-time, if at all. Yet the politics surrounding SSDI are changing. Could a Trump presidency mean a cut in funding for countless Virginians in need of assistance?

In June, Bloomberg Businessweek released an article focused on social security benefits in America, highlighting an apparent conflict within President Trump’s plans. Trump bolstered his campaign with promises of maintaining the current funding for Social Security, but his later actions proved otherwise. His budget reflects that a whopping $70 billion will be cut from Social Security disability benefits over the next ten years — clearly a diversion from the president’s initial plans. Surprisingly enough, Bloomberg points out that these cuts will affect some of Trump’s biggest supporters. Lawmakers have recently expressed frustration with these upcoming changes; meanwhile, the White House Budget Director supports the cuts to the funding. Yet why are such modifications occurring now? Experts point toward an aging society that increasingly needs government support as well as delayed retirement plans as two major reasons for this change. 

The Social Security Disability SSI Resource Center provides information to those seeking assistance. In the most basic form, SSDI provides help to Americans who, due to a condition that prevents them from working, cannot make a livable wage. However, the guidelines for SSDI are complex and the Center advises all readers to review their needs carefully. Oftentimes claims are denied due to incorrect filing, repeated disability applications and missed deadlines. Regardless of specific needs, applicants may seek financial help by phone or online, and are encouraged to have all necessary medical records available to ensure a smoother process.  

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