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Virginia man charged with DUI in fatal accident


Making great choices isn’t something that anyone will do all the time. Everyone is going to make mistakes at some point or another. For some people, choosing to drive after consuming alcohol is a mistake that they make. Unfortunately, that bad choice can come with some very serious consequences. A recent accident on Interstate 64 in Virginia is a sad example of how one choice can affect multiple people.

The accident happened when a man was pulled over on the shoulder of the road just west of the twin bridges because his Civic had broken down. While he was on the shoulder, a Ford Explorer hit his vehicle when it ran off the road. The man who was in the Civic was taken to Norfolk Sentara Hospital. He died at the hospital.

The man who was driving the Explorer has been arrested on a DUI charge. His bond was set at $1,500 in the case.

While it is tragic that a man lost his life in the accident, it is just as important to note that the man being charged with DUI will have to live with the outcome of his accident for the rest of his life. He has to deal with the mental anguish of knowing what happened. He also has to face the criminal justice system in relation to the charge placed against him.

Anyone who is facing drunk driving charges should make an effort to understand applicable laws to ensure that he or she can answer those charges appropriately. Because the laws are so complex, it might be necessary to get answers to some questions prior to preparing a defense.

Source:, “Va. Beach man struck on I-64 dies; DUI charge filed” Kara Driscoll, Jul. 12, 2014

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