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Man from fatal DUI crash now facing drug charges in Virginia


Back in May, a man was allegedly driving drunk when he struck a pedestrian, who died. He is 30 years old, and he is a petty officer for the United States Navy. The accident happened in Virginia Beach, and he is the main suspect, though he has not been convicted at this time.

However, he may now be facing more charges, as authorities say that he was trying to buy illegal drugs. These alleged crimes took place in Norfolk. Reports from the police indicate that the intended drug was oxycodone. Under the drug laws for controlled substances, buying it would carry felony drug charges. The man was taken to the Norfolk City Jail, and he was denied bond.

Court documents make the situation out to be even more dire, stating that the authorities believe that the man was attempting to get the drugs so that he could use them to commit suicide. The documents say that the man is considered to be a danger — not to the public — but to himself.

The man’s sister indicated that, after the DUI incident, the young officer was suffering from cancer. She said that he had recently undergone a procedure to replace both of his lungs.

The man was released on bond after the crash, but it was on the grounds that he would stay at the Portsmouth Naval Medical Center unless he needed to go to Duke University for medical care. Even then, he was not allowed to drive there on his own.

When facing mounting allegations and multiple charges, people must know what legal options they have and what steps they can take, regardless of how they intend to plead when the case — or multiple cases — go to court.

Source: The Virginian-Pilot, “Suspect in DUI fatality accused of trying to buy drugs” Jillian Beck, Aug. 08, 2014

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