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Virginia man pleads guilty in fatal DUI crash


A man from Arlington, Virginia, recently went before the court for his part in a crash that took the life of another man. He was reportedly drunk when the accident occurred, and he was facing charges both for the drunk driving and for involuntary manslaughter. He decided that he wanted to plead guilty.

It is important for those who have been accused of such crimes and who want to plead guilty to make sure that they still know their rights as they pertain to the sentences that can be handed down. A guilty plea does not just put them at the mercy of the court, as there are regulations and precedents that have to be followed.

The man who caused the accident is 24 years old. Before it, he was studying at Northern Virginia Community College. The man who was hit and killed was 24 years old, as well. The accident took place back in January, on the 24th.

The accident was on the Lee Highway, and reports indicate that the first driver was heading east. This was at about two in the morning. The cars collided as the second car went through an intersection and was hit by the first.

The injured driver was originally transported to George Washington University Hospital, and he passed away while he was there.

Police testimonies indicate that the man lied to the officers who showed up on the scene, telling them that someone else had been driving and that he had run after the crash. It was then that the police put him through field sobriety tests, including standing on one leg, and he failed them.

Source: The Washington Post, “Arlington man pleads guilty in drunk driving death” Rachel Weiner, Aug. 14, 2014

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