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Virginia man faces felony drug charges after meth lab discovery


Police in Southwest Virginia arrested two men on drug-related offenses during a regular traffic patrol. One man faces felony drug charges for allegedly manufacturing methamphetamine. A second man was booked for narcotics possession and released.

Washington County police said a deputy driving through Osceola noticed a pair of vehicles parked outside of a business on Route 58. The deputy pulled over to speak to a man who was standing outside of one of the cars.

During the routine check, the deputy reported that he saw at least one container “commonly used to transport narcotics” in one of the vehicles. The police officer supposedly obtained permission to conduct a search of the car.

The law enforcement officer said his search revealed four so-called “shake and bake” methamphetamine labs. The deputy’s report also included the discovery of four prescription drug pills in the vehicle.

One of the men was arrested at the scene, and the other was cited. A 21-year-old Meadowview man was charged with one count of possessing meth-making precursors and multiple counts of methamphetamine manufacturing. A 44-year-old Troutdale man was separately charged with two counts of narcotics possession.

Washington County police did not reveal whether they were planning to expand the investigation to include any possible drug trafficking connection between the two suspects.

The Meadowview man accused of manufacturing meth remains in the Abingdon regional jail in Southwest Virginia, where he is being held on a secured $2,500 bond.

As this case shows, drug charges can arise when a person is least expecting it. Many drug arrests arise from routine traffic stops or other run-ins with law enforcement, during which police may notice drug paraphernalia or something else they feel is suspicious. If a person allows police to search their car or home without a warrant, they may end up facing criminal charges. This is why it is so important to seek legal advice before speaking to police.

Source:, “Alleged mobile meth operation nets felony arrest in Southwest Virginia,” Sept. 5, 2011

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