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Stephens City man charged with DUI after building crash


A trial date has been set in Frederick County General District Court for mid-October for a Stephens City man charged with a repeat drunk driving offense. Police reported the 29-year-old man’s alcohol breath test registered 0.30, more than three times the legal 0.08 limit for Virginia adult drivers.

Stephens City police say the DUI accident happened on a Tuesday afternoon around 4:20 p.m. when the driver of a Volkswagen GTI crashed into a travel agency in the 5400 block of Germain Street. Authorities say the driver failed to make the turn onto Germain from Fairfax Street.

The crash did not cause much damage to the building, but the vehicle will need $2,500 in repairs. The driver of the GTI was not injured in the accident. Stephens City police did not indicate in the report whether the driver had been wearing a seat belt when the crash took place.

Officers took the allegedly intoxicated man into custody. The Stephens City suspect was escorted to Northwestern Regional Adult Detention Center. The DUI suspect reportedly remained at the facility for several hours until officers decided he was sober and could be released on bond.

The driving while intoxicated charge is the second alcohol-related traffic offense in the last 10 years for the Stephens City man. His trial on DUI charges is set for October 21.

Being arrested for drunk driving can be an overwhelming experience. Virginia police do not take DUI lightly. Those who are facing charges of driving under the influence may find it helpful to seek advice from an experienced Fairfax defense attorney.

Source:, “Car hits building, driver faces DUI,” Sept. 8, 2011

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