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University of Richmond coach resigns after DUI arrest


Being arrested for and charged with drunk driving can be an overwhelming experience, and police are rarely sympathetic. Not only could a person be facing expensive fines and potentially jail time, a DUI charge could also seriously affect a person’s livelihood, including his or her job. A Virginia college football coach recently experienced these unfortunate effects of a drunk driving charge when he was arrested for the offense just before the team’s season opener.

The head coach of the University of Richmond football team called his employer the same day he was arrested by police. The coach told school officials that he had been charged with DUI and offered to resign. By the end of the same day, the resignation was accepted.

The University of Richmond Spiders were preparing to kick off their football season under the second-year coach. The opening game at Duke was less than two weeks away when the coach was charged with drunk driving, resigned and was replaced.

Henrico County court documents say the head coach’s driving while intoxicated charge was his second in a 5- to 10-year period. University officials say they were aware of the initial drunk driving arrest when they promoted the coach but had an understanding that the offense would not be repeated.

The university’s athletic director said the coach’s tendered resignation was accepted after school officials spent a day discussing how to move forward with the football program. The decision to accept the resignation letter was followed by the appointment of the team’s offensive coordinator as temporary head coach.

Source: Associated Press, “Richmond’s Scott resigns,” Aug. 24, 2011

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