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Know your options for answering to a drug charge


In our previous blog post, we discussed various types of drug crimes that a person might face. All of these charges have one thing in common — they all demand that the defendant takes action if he or she wants to present a defense.

We know that some people don’t think of drug charges as serious matters. This might change when they find themselves facing the court system and start to learn about the many ways a conviction could impact their lives.

The social impacts of a drug conviction have to be considered before a defendant decides to just plead guilty to the charges. Finding or even keeping a job can be difficult when this type of conviction is on a criminal record. If the conviction is for a felony charge, the effects can be even greater.

We understand that you might want to make the charges go away. Unfortunately, this isn’t usually an option that you have. You will have to decide how you are going to answer the charges. You have to think about what penalties you are going to face.

For some drug charges, it might be possible to take part in an alternative sentencing program, such as drug court. Exploring this option, as well as thinking about any plea deals that are put on the table might be worth your time if you know that you did what you are being accused of.

No matter what crime you are charged with and what the circumstances are that are surrounding that crime, we are here to help you work through the options that you have.

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