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Drug charges can range from minor to very serious


There are many different types of drug crimes that you might face if you are found to have drugs in your possession. These can range from charges as minor as paraphernalia to those as serious as drug trafficking. In each of these cases, you should be sure that you understand why you are facing the charges levied against you so that you can take steps to determine what defense strategy you will employ.

Drug paraphernalia charges don’t have to involve any actual drugs. Instead, you only have to be in possession of the items that are used to grow, manufacture, distribute or use drugs of any sort. These run the gamut from roach clips to small baggies. In some cases, the items that are considered drug paraphernalia might be used for other purposes, but the intent of the items is what can classify them as paraphernalia.

Drug possession charges simply mean that there were drugs in an area that you controlled. This doesn’t mean that you had them on your person. Instead, it means they were within your reach or in an area that you had access to. For example, if a search warrant is executed at your home and drugs are found in your nightstand, you could face drug possession charges.

Other possible charges include those for selling, trafficking and manufacturing drugs. Cultivation is another drug charge that is possible. In each of these cases, the penalties can be severe, so be sure to know what options you have for your case before you make any decisions or statements.

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