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What is considered drug paraphernalia?


Many drugs that are used today need items in order for the users to use the drugs. These items, as well as those that are used to package and sell drugs, are known as drug paraphernalia. It is possible for a person to face criminal charges in association with drug paraphernalia, even if they aren’t facing any other drug-related charges.

What kinds of charges can occur for drug paraphernalia?

A person can face charges for having drug paraphernalia in his or her possession. It is also possible to face charges for mailing, selling, importing or exporting items that are deemed to be drug paraphernalia. Even attempting to do these actions can lead to criminal charges.

What kinds of items are considered drug paraphernalia?

There are a host of items that can be considered drug paraphernalia. The most important thing that matters is how the items are being used or how they were going to be used. Some examples of drug paraphernalia include bongs, hookahs, digital scales, spoons meeting certain size requirements, pipes, roach clips, freebase cocaine kits, small baggies used to hold drugs that are for sale and syringes. For some of these items, such as digital scales, there would have to be evidence that they were going to be used in association with drugs in order for them to be considered drug paraphernalia.

For a person who is facing any drug charges, including those that are for drug paraphernalia, getting a defense strategy together is crucial. These drug-related charges can impact your life, so you shouldn’t wait until the last minute.

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