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Elements of drug cases determine defense strategies


In our previous blog post, we discussed some points about drug paraphernalia. If you recall, we made mention of how these items only have to be in your possession and not actually on your person. The same is true for many drug charges. The drugs only have to be in your possession, which doesn’t mean that they have to be on you.

We know that this is a fine line that is sometimes difficult to understand. The primary point here is that if you can put your hands on the drugs or paraphernalia and have control over it, those items are said to be in your possession. Things can get a bit complicated if the items can be controlled by more than one person. We will look into those circumstances to try and determine if we can show that you weren’t actually in possession of the items or drugs in question.

Every drug case is different, so each one must be handled differently. It is important that your defense strategy against drug charges takes the facts and circumstances of the case into account. What worked for someone else won’t necessarily work for you unless the circumstances and elements are the same.

We understand that you might be worried about how the drug charges you are facing will affect your life. Those worries are the fuel that you should use to get your defense going. The last thing that you need is to have to face the prosecutor without any planned defense strategy.

There are often several options that can be considered in drug cases. Tailoring the ones that work for your case to address crucial points is a good starting point for your defense.

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