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DUI charges require customized defense strategies


The summer season is here and that means that people are going to start enjoying the great outdoors. That also means that some people are going to consume alcohol while they are out in the sun. The sun and the heat can make the effects of alcohol more pronounced, which can be devastating if you are pulled over while you are driving drunk.

We can understand that you don’t want one mistake to lead to a criminal record. Driving after you have been drinking is something that you likely know is illegal; however, you might not have been thinking about that when you got behind the wheel of your vehicle.

When you are facing a DUI charge, you have several options for a defense strategy. It is very important for you to customize the strategy so that it answers the points that are being used in the case against you. This isn’t as easy as it might sound.

In order to plan the best DUI defense for your case, you have to know the law. You have to be familiar with policies and procedures for things like initiating a traffic stop, conducting a field sobriety test, performing a breath test and executing an arrest. Each of these points presents a chance to introduce questions about the prosecution’s case.

When you consider how much a DUI conviction can affect every aspect of your life, you can see why your defense is so important. We can defend you in a firm manner while ensuring that you know your rights and have information about all options that you have regarding your case.

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