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Resolution of case may lead to reinstatement of football players


Two suspended Virginia Tech football players might get to be reinstated to the team soon because of the resolution of criminal justice cases against the men. The two were suspended indefinitely after being arrested following the Hokies’ annual spring game in April.

The two men were charged with possession of marijuana. One man was also facing a charge for underage possession of alcohol, but that charge was ultimately dismissed. Both men were sentenced to a diversion program in which they must each complete 24 hours of community service and 12 months on probation. If they successfully complete the sentence, the charge against each of them will be dismissed.

They might face some resistance in their bid to return to the football field. The new Virginia Tech head football coach said that he is focused “on coaching the guys that are doing right” and that they will have to evaluate if and when there is a time that will appropriate for the two suspended players to be reinstated.

People often think that marijuana usage isn’t a big deal, especially since many states have legalized or decriminalized the drug, but Virginia law still views marijuana possession as an illegal action. In fact, some people will face felony charges for possession of marijuana. That is the case if they have more than a half ounce of marijuana. Lesser amounts of marijuana are associated with misdemeanor charges.

When you are facing criminal charges for marijuana possession, don’t think that the effects stop with the criminal penalties you are facing. In some cases, the effects reach much farther. Understanding what options are available for the resolution of your case can help you plan your defense.

Source: Richmond Times-Dispatch, “Virginia Tech football players Alexander, Gaines get probation, community service for drug charge,” Mike Barber, June 29, 2016

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