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Options are often possible in juvenile justice cases


Holiday parties, even those that are attended by juveniles, might have alcohol present. In our previous blog posts, we discussed some points about drunk driving. For many juveniles who opt to consume alcohol, simply drinking can lead to serious legal issues. Those juveniles don’t even have to drive to get into trouble if they have been drinking; of course, they might face even more severe legal issues if they do drink and drive.

We know that learning that a child is facing a legal issue is something that a parent is rarely prepared for. If you have found out that your child is involved in the juvenile justice system for any reason, including underage drinking, finding out what options you have is crucial. In some cases, the options might include fighting the charges or acknowledging that the child did wrong and getting him or her the help necessary through the services and resources that the court has at its disposal.

The juvenile justice system is one that is meant to correct the juvenile’s behavior. If your child was drinking alcohol, one factor that must be addressed is the possibility of addiction. This isn’t pleasant to think about, but catching it early and helping the child through the addiction might be the best option.

Your child will need to understand his or her rights as they deal with the court. The juvenile court system is very different from the adult system, so this must be taken into consideration for those who are dealing with juvenile charges. We can help you to walk through the proceedings so that you know what to expect.

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