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Minimizing penalties might be a DUI defense strategy


There are many different penalties that are associated with drunk driving charges. You might automatically think about the time in jail that people convicted of this charge have to do; however, there are also other penalties that can have a huge impact on how people convicted of drunk driving have to live life.

In some cases, you might be required to use an ignition interlock after you are convicted of drunk driving. This program would limit your vehicle options since you couldn’t just jump in a vehicle without the interlock. Since the device has to be professionally installed, you couldn’t move it from one vehicle to another. This could mean that you can’t even drive vehicles as required for certain jobs, such as delivery drivers. Additionally, these devices come with a considerable cost for installation and monitoring.

Another thing that you might face is mandatory education programs. These would involve you having to miss other activities because missing the classes wouldn’t be possible. These classes usually come at a cost to you, so you would have to cover that expense.

You may be placed on probation or given the option to participate in a diversion program. For both of these, you would have to comply with strict guidelines in order to successfully complete the program. This means that your freedom to live the lifestyle you want might be taken away from you.

Presenting a defense against drunk driving charges is one of the ways you can try to minimize the penalties you will face. If you are fairly certain that a conviction will occur, you can work on a defense that would try to get you a lighter sentence.

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