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Strong representation is necessary for juvenile crime cases


No parent ever wants to see his or her child get into trouble, but the truth is that some children will do just that. In those cases, the child might have to face the criminal justice system. In many cases, that means that the child will have to deal with juvenile charges.

During the legal proceedings that will ensue as part of the Virginia juvenile justice system, it is imperative that the child has legal representation that can provide a suitable defense for the child so the child’s entire future isn’t negatively affected by the poor choice the child made. We understand that you want to protect your child from these effects.

There are some unique considerations when children have to go through legal proceedings because of the choices they made. These unique considerations can have a profound effect on the child’s life if they aren’t handled in the proper manner. For this reason, experience dealing with juvenile matters like possession of alcohol, theft, drug charges or any of the other juvenile crime matters listed on our website can often help those involved with the child to ensure that proper choices are made.

In some juvenile crime cases, a conviction or guilty plea will occur. When that happens, the focus of the next steps might be to limit or minimize the long-term effects on the child. This can mean anything from having the record expunged if the child successfully completes the court ordered terms to having the records of the matter sealed. Since these matters deal directly with the child’s future, let us use our experience to ensure the effect on your child’s future is as minimal as possible.

Source: Ronald E. Smith, PC, “Juvenile Offenses” Sep. 04, 2014

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