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Teacher in Virginia Beach sentenced for having drugs in office


There are some decisions that people make that they later determine are big mistakes. When that mistake involves drugs, a school office and a teacher, it is easy to see how bad the situation is. For one Virginia Beach teacher, those were some of the factors in a drug charge placed against him.

The teacher pleaded guilty in July to possess schedule I/II drug, possess/distribute drugs on school property and possession with intent to distribute marijuana between 1/2 oz. and 5 pounds. The man was distributing marijuana on the school grounds. A scale, packing material and marijuana were found in the man’s office.

He also admitted to possessing heroin. Upon further searching his office, they found a black case with a lighter, a burnt spoon, heroin and hypodermic needles. When he was speaking to investigators, the man said that he had more drugs at his home.

Police noted that there wasn’t any indication that he was selling drugs to the Tallwood High School Students. They did, however, discover that he was selling drugs to another teacher.

The man resigned from the school after the drugs were discovered in his office. This teacher was recently sentenced to three years in prison.

Facing drug charges can be difficult, especially when those charges cost you a job. For this man, pleading guilty was his chosen course of action. Anyone who is facing drug charges has the right to plead guilty, but he or she also has the right to build a defense against the charges. Knowing the laws and understanding the charges can help defendants decide how to proceed.

Source:, “Virginia Beach teacher to serve 3 years on drug charges” Oct. 22, 2014

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