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Sailor with cancer facing DUI charges in Virginia Beach


Some people choose to drink alcohol to try to forget about a difficult life. For a petty officer in the Navy, a night of drinking turned fatal. Now, the 29-year-old man is facing involuntary manslaughter and DUI second offense charges for the Virginia accident.

The fatal accident happened at the Oceanfront when the petty officer hit a man with his Jeep. He was going to get more beer when he hit the man, who is said to have been crossing the street when he was struck. The pedestrian died at the hospital. The petty officer’s blood alcohol content is said to have been 0.25, according to court documents.

The petty officer, who has been in the Navy for five years, is currently being treated for cancer and has undergone a double lung transplant. His sister asked the judge to make sure the man gets his medication while he is incarcerated. He is stationed at Portsmouth Naval Medical Center on long-term limited duty as he undergoes his treatments.

He was arraigned via video in the General District Court. At his appearance, he wore a surgical mask. He was denied bond. The Navy is keeping track of what is going on in the civilian courts, according to a base spokesperson. No military action has been taken against the man.

The severity of these charges coupled with the man’s military status and medical condition are likely placing a lot of stress on this man. He has to determine the best way to answer to these charges so that he can get a favorable outcome that enables him to continue with his treatments and complete his military service.

Source: Stars and Stripes, “Navy petty officer who hit Va. Beach pedestrian faces DUI charge” Elisabeth Hulette and Margaret Matray, May. 07, 2014

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