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Drug-related offenses send two Virginia men to jail


The lure to drugs is a very tough opponent for some people. When this pull gets to be very strong, the person using the drugs might start doing things they wouldn’t do if they weren’t being pulled by the drugs. For some people, making drugs on their own might be one of those actions since this is a way they can get access to the drugs without depending on others for access. The recent discovery of a methamphetamine lab now has two men facing charges related to the discovery.

The two Virginia men, one of whom is 35 and one of whom is 40, have been taken to the Southwest Virginia Jail in Abingdon on several drug charges each. During the course of searching a home in Bristol, officers found items used to make meth and a meth lab. They also found meth that was already completed, according to the Washington County sheriff. These discoveries are what led to the charges these two men now face.

These two men are facing very serious drug-related offenses that can have long-lasting effects on their lives if they are convicted. They now have to answer the charges placed against them, which comes from evidence found by the Virginia State Police, Abingdon Police Department, Bristol Police Department, the Washington County Sheriff’s Office and the Drug Enforcement Administration. Knowing the charges against them, the consequences of a conviction and the specific information regarding the evidence being presented against them might help these two men to determine the best way to answer to these charges.

Source:, “Two arrested after Bristol meth lab discovery” No author given, May. 14, 2014

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