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Can you still get a DUI if you’ve not drunk all day?


The most obvious time you might be charged with DUI (driving under the influence) is during the second half of the day. That is when most people drink. They have some wine with lunch, a few beers at a barbeque, head out to meet friends in a bar or crack open a bottle at home to relax after a hard day at work.

Yet you can get a DUI at any time of day and what many people forget is that they could even get one first thing in the morning.

You are probably not sinking beers for breakfast before heading to work or driving your kids to their weekend game, but that does not necessarily mean you are safe to drive. It depends on what you did the night before.

Let’s say you had a big night last night. It does not matter why it was a big night. What matters is how much of the alcohol you consumed is still in your system. The later you stopped drinking, and the more you drank, the more likely that you could get a next-day DUI.

Alcohol takes time to clear from your system

There are so many factors affecting how fast it clears. For instance, what else you drank or ate, your gender and your body mass. If in doubt, play safe and leave it a few more hours before driving.

If the police give you a next-day DUI, it’s crucial to remember that there are many defense options to explore, and you only need one. Getting help to find it could prevent your big night from having long-lasting consequences.

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