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3 things to know about compassionate allowances


Social Security Disability Insurance is meant to help cover life’s expenses for a person who worked hard and then became unable to continue working due to a medical condition. One of the primary complaints about this program is that it takes a long time to go through the application process. 

Some individuals who apply for SSDI can’t wait through the long process because their condition is too severe. The Social Security Administration has a program called the Compassionate Allowances that may help these individuals to get the benefits they need quickly.

Only certain conditions qualify

The SSA maintains a list of conditions that qualify for this program. It updates the list often to add new conditions that are likely to result in death or almost certainly meet the requirements. There are conditions affecting children and adults on the list because the SSA uses it for SSDI and Supplemental Security Income. 

Requirements still apply

A person with a condition on the Compassionate Allowances list still has to meet all the normal requirements for SSDI. The only difference is that their application will go through the process faster. 

Applications are automatically flagged

Applications that contain conditions on the list are automatically flagged for processing. This is one of the reasons it’s so important to ensure you have your medical conditions listed correctly and completely on the application. 

Anyone who’s filing for Social Security Disability should ensure they accurately report their conditions on the application. Providing complete information may help to increase the chance of the application being handled efficiently. Working with someone who’s familiar with disability programs is beneficial because the guidelines and policies change often. 

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