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The link between drug charges and addiction


Drug use and criminal activity have long been connected. For instance, those who are under the influence of drugs may be more likely to break the law in other ways. They may also commit crimes, such as theft, in order to purchase more drugs. Additionally, someone who is addicted may have a large supply of drugs on hand and then be accused of something like drug trafficking, which is more serious than simple possession.

But there is another potential link that also has to be considered. If someone is addicted to drugs, this makes them more likely to eventually find themselves facing drug charges. But it’s important to remember that the real reason for those charges may not even be a conscious choice to use the substances. It all comes back to the addiction, and everything that happens as a result feels like it’s out of that person’s hands.

Why is this important?

This may not change the legality or illegality of the events that occurred. For instance, someone who is arrested for possession of heroin has still broken the law, whether they are addicted or not.

But this is still important because it shows that a better option than sending people to jail for drug crimes may be to help them find the treatment that they need. If they were no longer addicted, they would no longer commit these related crimes. This would actually accomplish the goals that the justice system has set out to accomplish, which putting people behind bars often does not do.

If you are facing charges, it’s very important for you to understand all of your options.

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