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How a Virginia DUI conviction impacts your auto insurance rate


Driving under the influence is a serious offense with severe legal and non-legal consequences. A DUI conviction can attract a heavy fine, suspension of your driver’s license or even time in jail.

Besides these straightforward legal consequences, a DUI conviction can also result in an increase in your insurance.

So how does your insurance rate increase following a DUI conviction?

Like auto accidents and traffic offenses, auto insurance carriers consider drunk driving high risk. As such, depending on the severity of your case, the auto insurance company can decide to raise your insurance premium, terminate your cover immediately or decline to renew it upon expiry.

Under the Virginia Code, a DUI conviction will result in the revocation of your driving privileges. To get your privileges back, you will be required to provide proof of financial responsibility by obtaining an FR-44 certification. This means a higher coverage limit than other drivers. Consequently, insurance carriers will charge you a higher premium to insure your car.

What if your cover is withdrawn following a DUI conviction?

If your carrier terminates your cover, you will likely need to approach another vendor to insure your car. And since most major insurance companies are usually adamant to offer coverage for DUI convicts, you may have to look for vendors who offer special coverage for motorists with a DUI conviction.

So how long with a DUI conviction affect your Virginia insurance cover?

Depending on the insurance company, you will need to hold the FR-44 certification for a number of years following your conviction before your driver’s license can be restored. However, the DUI will remain on your record for up to 11 years. This means that it may take up to a decade before you can be considered a “safe driver” and thus eligible for the normal rates.

A DUI can greatly impact various aspects of your life. Find out how you can defend yourself if you facing a drunk driving charge in Virginia.

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