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How damaging is an underage DUI charge?


When your loved one has made the mistake of drinking while driving, especially as a minor, you can be in for a difficult legal ordeal. Ronald E. Smith, PC, is here to ensure that you get the criminal defense you deserve, since minors facing DUI-related charges can be in for some hefty penalties if convicted.

As you likely are aware, juvenile DUI-related crimes and charges are taken very seriously regardless of where you live. They also come with more severe penalties than DUI-related charges tied to those of legal drinking age. In many states, a minor who is caught drinking and driving can actually have their license suspended even if it is their first offense.

Outside of driving, these charges can have an impact on a minor’s ability to move forward in their career or education. It’s possible that a DUI conviction will prevent them from being accepted to certain colleges. They will also likely be barred from some fields of work, especially jobs that require driving skills or a valid license.

Finally, minors who are convicted of DUI charges will likely still have to deal with the usual consequences that an adult would face. This can include hefty fines and community service. They may have to complete a program for alcohol addiction. In rare cases, jail time may even be considered.

If your loved one is currently up on juvenile crime charges related to DUI and you want to know how to help, take a look at the link given here. It will take you to our web page on DUI charges, especially those faced by minors.

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