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Mexican drug cartels are blamed for heroin epidemic


Drug charges are something that aren’t pleasant for anyone to face. Many defendants try to place the blame on someone else in an effort to be found not guilty of the charges. In the case of the heroin epidemic, James Comey, the director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, has taken the lead in assigning blame for criminal actions that are occurring.

Comey notes that the Mexican drug cartels are to blame for the heroin epidemic in the country. The comment regarding the Mexican drug cartels was made at a summit on opioid abuse that occurred in Virginia. Comey says that these cartels are saturating the country with pure heroin.

Interestingly, Comey notes that it isn’t possible to arrest a way out of this problem. Instead, law enforcement agencies and communities are going to have to look at other avenues for getting the problem under control.

Comey has a possible solution to the problem. He thinks that cutting into the supply of heroin might be one component that helps to control the issue. He thinks that by cutting the supply, the prices will go up. If the prices go up high enough, the drug won’t seem as appealing to people.

As it stands now, people who are facing any heroin charges in Virginia have very serious problems to address. Time in prison, fines and other penalties might seem like they help to address the criminal element; however, addressing the addiction of addicts is necessary. Anyone who is facing criminal charges should work to find out what options they have for addressing the underlying issue so they can decide on a defense.

Source: Fox News, “FBI’s Comey: Mexican drug cartels fueling US heroin epidemic,” Matthew Dean, March 02, 2017

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