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What to expect after a DUI arrest


No one wants to go through the experience of being arrested on suspicion of DUI. Naturally, we hope our readers will not have to go through this experience, but we believe that the old adage “knowledge is half the battle” holds true here. So here are some of the possible steps that may be taken after a DUI arrest.

Arraignment – After being released on bond, you will be given a court date where you will be formally arraigned. Essentially, this will be the step where you are read the criminal charges against you and you will be advised of your right to enter a plea, whether it is “Guilty” or “Not Guilty.” Your attorney will advise you of the specifics regarding what will happen in either situation. 

Chemical Dependency Screening – Depending on the circumstances surrounding the arrest, the court may order an alcohol evaluation to determine if you are a candidate for DUI court (i.e. a court specifically dedicated to handling repeat offenders or high BAC cases that suggest an offender is dealing with an addiction).

Driver’s License Hearing – Your driver’s license may be suspended depending on the particular facts in the case, at which point you will have to obtain a hardship license that will allow you to drive to work, to school or other necessary destinations.

There are a number of additional steps that may come about depending on how you choose to defend the charges against you. For more information, contact an experienced Fairfax County drunk driving defense attorney.

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