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President Trump takes hard stance against criminal organizations


President Donald Trump just issued three executive orders that are aimed at reducing crimes. Essentially, President Trump has set drug cartels in the cross hairs of his plan. This could mean that some drugs are taken off the streets, but many people are wondering how these orders will impact lower level drug dealers and users.

Even before these actions, crime rates across the nation as a whole have been on the decline. Still, he seems to think that strengthening the enforcement of federal laws at this point is a necessary step to help thwart criminal organizations that include members in other countries.

By making federal agencies focus more on transnational criminal organizations, there is a chance that these agencies are going to put more effort into fighting drug crimes like trafficking that bring drugs in from other countries.

In addition to fighting crime in more focused ways, President Trump took the opportunity to improve protections for law enforcement officers. This point could be a mixed result because some speculate that it could give officers more immunity from civil liability.

It is important to keep police officers safe, but it is also important for people who interact with the officers to have protections. For people who are facing the law enforcement community, knowing your rights and understanding how to assert those rights is crucial.

If you are facing any criminal charges, including those for drug crimes, you should make sure that you pay attention to what is going on during your arrest. This, along with other information, might prove valuable as you build your defense against the charges.

Source: FindLaw, “Trump’s Crime Task Force Will Take on Drug Cartels and More,” George Khoury, Esq., Feb. 09, 2017

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