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What should you know about your drug charges?


When Virginia residents like you are up against drug-related charges, you’re simultaneously facing a force that could tear your life apart and make the path to your future much cloudier. Ronald E. Smith, PC, can help by providing you with information you can use to navigate through this difficult period of time.

Here are the basics when it comes to drug charges. First, the term covers a very broad array of actions. If you are facing drug charges, you could be accused of any of the following:

  • Selling drugs
  • Possessing drugs
  • Intending to sell
  • Faking prescriptions or selling prescriptions
  • Having drug-related contraband
  • Trafficking drugs

As you can see, you don’t need to be taking the drugs yourself in order to end up dealing with drug charges. However, these charges do differ in severity when it comes to the possible consequences. For example, being in possession of illegal substances will generally net you a lighter potential penalty than being caught trafficking or selling drugs.

It should be noted that being caught with drugs in your possession doesn’t necessarily mean that your case will be open and shut. For this reason, it is generally suggested not to say anything or make any moves before consulting a legal professional. Anything that you say leading up to your court case can be used against you.

Keeping your drug charge from becoming a conviction is the best possible path, and learning more about drug charges may help you with your own case. To expand your knowledge, we’ve provided a link to our web page on drug charges, which you can read as you see fit.

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