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Employment prospects can be impacted by a DUI conviction


A drunk driving conviction might impact your ability to find a job, but this isn’t something that will impact every job you try to get. There are important points that you should know about DUIs and background checks for employment purposes.

One thing that you should know is that the DUI will remain on your criminal record and your driving record in accordance with Virginia laws. This can impact your ability to get a job in two possible ways.

The first way is if the company needs to add you to their insurance. In this case, the insurance company might opt to deny coverage for you based on the driving history. If this occurs, the company will have to decide between telling you that you can’t drive a company vehicle and letting you work or deciding to bypass you for a job.

The second way is that the drunk driving conviction on your criminal history could mean that the company doesn’t hire you based on the fact that the conviction might mean that you can’t do the job at hand.

There are some fine lines that employers must follow when they are considering a criminal background check as part of a condition to hire someone. For a person who is facing a DUI, the possible employment obstacles might be the driving force to try to fight the charge.

You should think carefully about how you are going to answer any criminal charge against you. There isn’t any sense in trying to rush through a defense strategy, so make sure that you start looking into your options as soon as you can.

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