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What types of crimes involve prescription drugs?


Thinking of drug charges, you might automatically think of drugs like heroin, cocaine and other illegal drugs. While those types of drugs do make up a good portion of the drugs that lead to criminal charges, prescription drugs are also the drugs behind some criminal charges. In many cases, prescription drugs are being used to manage addictions and pain that the user can’t control in any other manner. Still, prescription drug charges are serious charges that demand urgent attention.

What kinds of prescription drugs are used illegally?

Prescription pain medications are often the subject of criminal cases. In many cases, those pain medications are narcotics. Some people get these pain medications honestly because they need them to manage pain. Other people might turn to pain clinics or illegal private sales to get the pain medications they need to control pain or support an addiction.

What types of crimes are associated with prescription drugs?

Prescription drug criminal charges can run the gamut from simple possession up to drug trafficking. Interestingly, the people who are likely to face charges for prescription drug sales can include doctors and other medical professionals. Even charges like fraud are possible if a person is calling in fraudulent prescriptions in an effort to get more drugs.

Understanding what you are being accused of can help you to determine the methods you can use as part of your defense. A defense for possession of prescription pills that don’t belong to you would be different from the defense necessary for selling prescription pills that you no longer need to control your own pain.

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