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DUI defense incorporates several aspects into 1 plan


Drunk driving penalties in Virginia can have some very serious consequences that can ripple throughout your entire life. When you are charged with a drunk driving charge, your criminal record will include the arrest. From there, you might find that you have difficulties with social aspects of your life. These can include the social stigma that some people face when they are charged with a drunk driving offense. Oftentimes, society won’t wait for you to be convicted before you end up having to deal with negative consequences.

We know that you are probably more worried about the possibility of going to jail or the possibility of losing your drivers’ license. Both of those possibilities are very real, even if you are facing your first drunk driving charge. We understand that you might have a strong desire to clear your name of these accusations. We will vigorously defend you against the charges that you are facing.

When it comes to your defense, you must know that there are several possible strategies that we might be able to utilize. Each option must be carefully considered. We have to consider how the options that we have would apply to the evidence that is being used against you. Each point against you will need to be answered in your defense.

The truth is that there isn’t an easy way to defend someone against a drunk driving charge. Even if you are facing a conviction for drunk driving, we can work to determine if there are ways that we can help you minimize the penalties that you will face upon being convicted.

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