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Drug addiction can often lead to criminal charges


In our previous blog post, we discussed some of the penalties for cocaine charges in Virginia. If you recall, even simple possession of cocaine can mean having to spend time in jail. The penalties for convictions related to other drugs can be just as severe as those related to cocaine. We know that people who are addicted to drugs are often in need of help, not punishment. If you are facing any drug-related charges, we will do our best to defend you against those charges.

The laws pertaining to heroin are very strict. In fact, simple possession of heroin can lead to 12 months behind bars. For a person who is addicted to heroin, the thought of time in prison might not be enough to stop them from finding and using. In fact, the thought of having to stop taking heroin cold-turkey in prison is often scary but still not scary enough to make them stop.

We know that drug addiction is much more than a societal problem. Instead, it is an addiction that needs treatment. There are some options for your defense that we can look into, especially if you have a non-violent simple possession charge for any type of drug.

No matter what kind of drug charge you are facing, we can help you to learn what options are available for your case. We can help you to discover how each option might affect your life. We can also build your defense so that your case is as ready as possible if you end up going to trial.

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