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Know options for dealing with drug charges in Virginia


You can probably remember the feeling you got the first time that you did your drug of choice. Now, you are facing criminal charges from an addiction that stemmed from your desire to replicate that feeling. You probably don’t think that your entire future should hinge on a criminal case when all you need is the chance to get clean and walk on the right path again.

We know that facing drug charges because you have an addiction is something that can make your life horrible. The stress of the charges might push you back toward the drugs, but the bail on which you are out of jail might not allow you to have drugs or alcohol. While we can’t take the stress or difficulties away, we can help you to learn about the options you have for handling your drug case.

One option in Virginia that might help you to deal with your criminal case and your addiction is the drug court program. This is a very strict program that has the goal of helping you to overcome your addiction while your criminal case is put on hold. If you complete the program, which includes having all clean drug tests, your criminal charges will go away.

Drug court is only one option that you have for your defense. The program is suitable for some people but not others. You should look into all of the available options that you have for your defense so that you can choose the option that you feel is the most suitable for your case.

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