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Get information that is crucial to a juvenile justice case


In our previous post, we discussed some of the ways that the juvenile justice system differs from the adult criminal justice system. That post had some good information that parents of children who are facing the juvenile justice system should know. On top of that information, it is crucial that the parents and the juvenile understand some other aspects of the juvenile justice system.

We understand that a parent’s instinct is to protect one’s children. In some cases, it might seem like that ability is thwarted when your child is facing the juvenile justice system. That isn’t always the case. As the child’s parent, your role in the case can be considerable as long as you are willing and able to work with the court.

One thing that many parents want for their child is to walk away from the case without any ill effects. We can work on preparing a defense that can help your child to fight the juvenile justice case against him or her; however, just as is the case in the adult criminal justice system, there is not any guarantee that your child won’t have to face penalties.

We understand the desire to keep the penalties and effects of the case to a minimum. Making this one of the focuses of the defense can help us find ways to make this happen. As we come to points in the legal process that require decisions to be made, we will make sure that you have the information you need to make decisions with your child about how the case will be handled.

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