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How does the Sixth Amendment affect a criminal case?


We have discussed a variety of issues that can come up when you are facing criminal charges. For people who are facing criminal charges, including those facing drug charges, the Constitution has a variety of rights that provide you with certain protections. The Sixth Amendment is one that offers you the right to speedy jury trial.

What does the Sixth Amendment guarantee for criminal cases?

The Sixth Amendment guarantees that you can have a speedy jury trial. It doesn’t stop there. It also guarantees that the jury will consist of impartial jurors. The jury has to find that you are guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in order to conviction you on the charges placed against you.

What is an impartial jury?

An impartial jury is one that will consider the evidence against you without coming to a judgment before the evidence is presented. The jury must consist of a cross-section of the local community, which means that it must representative of the community.

What are the verdicts the jury can consider?

The jury can find you either guilty or not guilty. If the jurors can’t agree on a verdict, a mistrial might be declared. If you are facing more than one criminal charge, such as multiple drug charges, the jury can render a verdict on each charge without regard to the other charges.

If you are heading to a jury trial in your case, it is vital that you go into it prepared. Establishing a defense strategy and building your defense are vital if you are going to go through a jury.

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