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Juvenile justice: Underage drinking requires a vigorous defense


Juvenile justice cases are difficult for families. The juveniles who are the focus of attention usually have problems to work through. The parents are sometimes by the juvenile’s side to help them. The siblings of the juvenile might worry. Other family members might also be affected. We know that your child’s case might be affecting every aspect of your life.

We understand the juvenile justice system in Virginia. We can help you to understand how various aspects of the system will affect your child and your child’s case. One thing that parents must prepare for is that their child will need to be defended throughout the process.

When it comes to juvenile justice issues like underage drinking, a lot of factors come into the picture. In Virginia, people who aren’t 21 years old yet can’t purchase alcohol. That also means that they shouldn’t have any alcohol in their system when they drive. If your teen was driving under the influence, you will likely become familiar with the Zero Tolerance laws. These laws don’t provide any leeway for underage drinkers who are driving.

Underage drinking can get your teen’s driving record off to a rough start. Some of the penalties of underage drinking and driving include a driver’s license suspension, fines, probation, incarceration, community service and alcohol-abuse programs. While we can’t promise that we can make the underage drinking and driving charge disappear, we can work to vigorously defend your teen against the charge. We can help you to learn about the available options so you can make knowledgeable decisions about the case.

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