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Restricted driving privileges after Virginia DUI conviction


When you have a revoked or suspended license, it can prove very difficult to get daily errands completed. Simply going to work or making it to school can be extremely difficult, especially if you live in an area without an ample public transit system. For some people in Virginia, it might be possible to get restricted driving privileges from the court.

The issuance of restricted driving privileges is completely optional for a judge. No judge is required to allow you to have a restricted license. In fact, there are some very strict guidelines about when restricted driving privileges can be issued.

Restricted driving privileges can’t be issued until three years after a third DUI offense or for a habitual offender. A person who is convicted of a first offense DUI or a drug violation can be granted restricted driving privileges at the time of the conviction. A second DUI conviction in 10 years means restricted privileges can’t be granted for four months after the conviction. A second DUI conviction within five years means these privileges can’t be granted for one year.

Restricted driving privileges are just that. You can’t just jump in the car to drive where you want and when you want. Instead, you will only be able to drive at certain times and to certain places. Following the restrictions is vital because if you don’t, the restricted privileges can be revoked and you will be stuck without any driving privileges at all. With that in mind, it is important that you understand exactly what it means if you are granted restricted driving privileges.

Source: Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles, “Restricted Driving Privileges” accessed Mar. 12, 2015

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