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Underage drinking is a serious juvenile crime in Virginia


Last week, we discussed juvenile drug courts. That post might have some of readers wondering why that program is needed for children. The sad fact is that children growing up in these days are under a lot of pressure to take drugs and drink alcohol. That pressure can sometimes lead to criminal charges for the child. Underage drinking is one of the possible charges these youngsters can face.

In Virginia, underage drinking is considered a misdemeanor. Don’t let that fool you. The consequences are very serious. The penalties are even more serious when there is a drunk driving charge for the juvenile. We work with the juvenile and the juvenile’s parents to determine how to handle the case. We explore all avenues to help ensure that the juvenile gets the best outcome possible for the case.

Some of the possible penalties for a juvenile facing these charges include community service, fines, probation, a driver’s license suspension or enrollment in a program for alcohol abuse. In some cases, the juvenile might even face incarceration. Nobody wants to see his or her child facing serious charges in the juvenile justice system. No parent wants to have to go see his or her child during visitation hours because the child is incarcerated.

Our help for juveniles doesn’t stop with only underage drinking. We can also help out with other cases. In order to give us ample time to prepare the juvenile’s case, you should contact as soon as possible. This gives us time to gather evidence and work toward determining the possible ways the case can be resolved.

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