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Search warrant turns up methamphetamine lab, 4 charged


When people need to make money, they might turn to drugs to make some fast cash. That desire to make money quickly and the lure of what can be made in the world of drugs can easily become more temptation than someone can handle. Four Virginia residents are now facing charges related to methamphetamine manufacturing in a mobile home park.

The grand jury opted to indict four people on conspiracy to manufacture methamphetamine. Two of those four were also indicted on manufacturing methamphetamine with a minor present. One of those two people was indicted on a single manufacturing methamphetamine charge.

These drug charges come from arrests that occurred in February of this year when a search warrant was served on the home. During the course of that search warrant, officials discovered a meth lab in the mobile home. It is the first time that Accomack County has had to deal with an investigation for manufacturing meth by residents of the county.

These four people not only have to deal with these charges that have been placed against them. They also have to deal with one of the mobile homes being condemned by the Accomack County Department of Building and Zoning.

It is important for these four people, as well as others facing similar charges, to understand their charges and the potential consequences of these charges. They might opt to fight the charges, enter a guilty or no contest plea or try to work a deal with the prosecutors. Knowing the process for each might make the court appearances easier.

Source: DelmarvaNow, “Four indicted on Va. meth charges” Carol Vaughn, Jun. 05, 2014

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