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Fight against juvenile crime charges to help your child


Last week, we discussed the basics of juvenile offenses. While these crimes can be as serious as those committed by adults, it is important for everyone who is involved with juvenile crimes to realize that the juveniles who commit these crimes can usually be rehabilitated. Keeping that fact at the forefront of the cases we are involved in is one of our goals. We work with Virginia juveniles and their parents to get the juveniles the services they need.

No parent wants to see his or her child behind bars. No parent wants to see his or her child in an adult jail. Studying a case, learning about the circumstances surrounding the alleged crime and working to find suitable solutions might help the juvenile as he or she goes through the system. Oftentimes, working with the prosecutor to determine the possible outcomes of a case might be possible.

There are several criminal charges that juveniles might face. Theft charges are a common charge that some juveniles might face. Underage drinking, possession of alcohol, drug charges and driving under the influence are some other charges. While these charges can have a significant impact on the juvenile’s future, it is still vital to minimize the impact while working to help the juvenile understand why his or her actions aren’t acceptable.

No matter what type of charges your child is facing, you probably just want what is in the child’s best interests. We can help you to understand the charges, the possible outcomes of the case and the options your child has. We can also help you to understand how the case might affect your child in the future.

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