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17-year-old accused by police of multiple thefts


Juvenile theft crime charges have been filed against a 17-year-old boy from Gainesville, Virginia. Police claimed that he was involved in a burglary and a number of thefts.

The burglary charges arose after a homeowner called police and said that someone had entered his garage through an open door and then gone inside his car. He claimed that he was missing a $300 DVD player that had been in the vehicle. Police later charged the boy with burglary for this incident, although they did not reveal what evidence, if any, linked him to this purported incident.

Police investigators said that they made their arrest on the basis of a tip from someone received on social media without specifying which particular online source it actually was or why they believed it was thought to be reliable. Arresting officers also charged the youth with a number of thefts from other vehicles and grand larceny auto in the alleged stealing of a car from a driveway. The vehicle had been left with the keys inside. It was recovered when firefighters and police responded to a report of an explosion and rushed to a location where the car was found on fire.

Items supposedly stolen from vehicles included a gun taken from a car that was unlocked. The arrested boy is being held in a juvenile facility pending a court proceeding. Juvenile criminal charges can lead to serious consequences, including sometimes trial and incarceration as an adult. Juveniles charged with criminal offenses, whether tried as juveniles or as adults, are entitled to a lawyer and a wide variety of constitutional rights that only the assistance of an experienced criminal attorney can adequately protect.

Source:, “Gainesville teen charged in series of thefts” No Author Given, Apr. 29, 2013

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