Virginia Disability Hearing Testimony Attorney

As the third stage in the steps to receiving Social Security Disability benefits, an administrative hearing can become an intimidating matter for many individuals. The hearing, before an administrative law judge (ALJ), contains witnesses, briefs and cross-examinations. It is important to have a skilled attorney on your side through these proceedings.

At Ronald E. Smith, P.C., our Virginia disability hearing testimony lawyers have extensive experience guiding clients through the legal process. It is not uncommon for disability benefits to be denied and appealed.

Each case and every client is different. Having said that, there are certain tips that should be followed to make your testimony before an ALJ more effective.

  • Your answers should be in your words, not your attorney's.
  • Every answer should contain two bits of information — how you feel, and how those feelings limit you.
  • Every answer should be honest.
  • Each answer should be detailed and explained by using examples.
  • It is wise to be fair with your answers — don't try to make things sound better or worse than they really are.
  • Be courteous to the judge and look him or her directly in the eye.
  • Don't hold anything back.

For a more detailed discussion of these tips and how they directly relate to your situation, do not hesitate to schedule a consultation with a lawyer at our firm.

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